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If you want some information for term papers which will inform and educate your professors (not the other way around), then refer now to to discover how the ancients indeed measured the earth, very accurately, within a margin of error of 0.5%, by triangulating stars’ precisely predicted future positions vis-a-vis the “earth hexagon” and the geometry which is allowed by that particular shape, when circumscribed by the “circle of the earth.”

With the methodology described in the link, the origin of the numerations for our modern nautical mile mapping system is rationalized, as well as, the numerations of astrology and timekeeping, which will most probably be news to your profs, so share now the knowledge with them, because assuming they are intellectually honest, they will see the veracity of the technique, and you then probably will get an A.

And there are submerged ancient ruins on the shallow seafloor in many parts of the world (see category Submerged Ancient Ruins), so refer there for ideas about some groundbreaking researcher regarding when the Ice Age really ended, and read under category Catastrophic Climate Change, to see that the Ice Age could have been caused only by warmer oceans, geothermally heated from below, to cause the evaporation off the surface for the extensive cloudcover of the Ice Age; good stuff for term papers and classroom discussions, not what is commonly known yet, so this material will stimulate much debate, and certainly will challenge your professors in a good way, seeing

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