Post Darwinism Theory of Natural Selection within Faunal Hybridizing Syngameons Creation Science Advocated by Republican Veep Selection Christian Governor Sarah Palin has 80% Approval Rating in Alaska with Advocacy of Teaching Intelligent Design and Scientific Creationism with Questionable Darwinian Evolutionary Theory in Public and Private Schools for Analytical Comparison of Uniformitarian and Catastrophic Models for Earth’s Geologic History

Everybody in Alaska knows that republican v.p. selection Sarah Palin advocates that schools teach both darwinian evolutionary theory, as well as, creation science theory, which espouses that the “species” of animals naturally selected within their respective syngameons, the biblical kinds of animals in the Genesis account, and 80% of Alaskans give her a favorable rating as governor there, so it’s apparent that many Americans have no problem at all with Palin’s position, which could be a real winner for the republican ticket in the fall, as a clear majority of American’s don’t buy Darwinism, and study the creation science which is not taught in our schools, because the public school monopoly is going out of its way to prop-up Darwinism, on the verge being officially jettisoned as viable biological theory. 

And Palin would say that catastrophism is the dominant theme in the geologic record, not billions of years of uniformitarian geologic gradualism, as proponed by the darwinists, so this too would be analyzed in the classroom, to see which model better reflects the evidence, which creation scientists welcome, but lyellian darwinists fear, because their model does not hold up under scrutinty, and they know it.  And most of America knows it too, and so, have no problem with Sarah Palin seeking intellectual honesty and critical thinking in the classroom.  Checkout the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, and be sure to see how the ancients measured the earth by the obviously purposeful design of the cosmos in article #2 at, the deduction of which is from creation science research, noting that the ancients recognized the design of the universe and capitalized on it for precise global navigtation during the Ice Age.

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