Greek Corinthian Columns for Temple of Barack Obama’s Stage Set at Invesco Field for Nomination Acceptance Speech will be Greek Tragedy for B. Hussein Obama’s Overgrown Ego Manifests Again with Audacious Ancient Greek Roman Columns Backdrop for Royal Embarrassment to Team Obama

With Barack Obama’s tacky greek/roman temple columns as a backdrop for his acceptance speech tonight at Invesco Field, he’s acting again as if he’s a caesar (kaisar), or Alexander the Great, or Nimrod, or the Messiah, or whatever goes through his head when he ok’s these audacious stunts which make him look sadly like a deluded egomaniac, so what were they thinking?  They must have said, “let’s make him seem like a caesar, or a greek god, or Nimrod, something ancient, to make him look like he’s one for the ages, yeh, that’s the ticket.”  Then they brought the idea to Obama who asked “can I ride in on a chariot too?”  To which the consultants replied “no, that would be over the top.”

Obama’s campaign is starting to feel like a very bad joke to millions of Americans now; he looks so foolish with this, and his O insignia on his jet’s tailfin, with flight chair saying “President of the United States Barack Obama” on the back, his faux presidential seal on the speaking rostrum, his celebrity tour of Europe, and his ties to William Ayers, Tony Rezko, Louis Farrakhan, Raila Odinga, Rashid Khalidi, and many other unsavory characters, these all paint a picture of Obama which leads one to believe that he will be doing well if he stays within 15 percentage points of McCain in November.

And to see how the ancients came up with the lengths of the greek foot and the egyptian royal, cubit, for surveying by the stars, checkout article #2 at, and read under category Ancient Navigation.  Checkout

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