Lemuria and Atlantis in Real History Mainstream Scientists and New Agers are Wrong on Dating Timeframe of Flooded Actually Bronze Age Kingdoms so Seen as Science Fiction or Just Alternative Archaeology but Biblical Global Flood Model with Ice Age after Deluge of Noah’s Time Rationalizes Evidence of Submerged Ruins of Lemuria Atlantis Kumari Kandam Sunda Rama Ice Age Port Cities

To mainstream scientists, the notion that the “continents” of Lemuria and Atlantis sank beneath the sea is ridiculous, because they rightly say that no continent is geologically evidenced to have sunk beneath the waves of the ocean, and wrongly say that the sea level rise with the end of the Ice Age happened circa 10000 B. C., the date which the new ager Atlantis/Lemuria people also propone, when the mechanism by which the lost “continents” submerged beneath the sea, by the sea level rise because of the end of the Ice Age.

Submerged bronze age ruins on the shallow seafloor, often far from shore, have been documented in many parts of the world, absurdly rationalized by the mainstreamers as havng slid into the sea, but the Lemuria and Atlantis new age types, such as Graham Hancock, know all too well that these ruins are of cities built during the Ice Age, which submerged beneath the rising ocean when the Ice Age ended, but because the ruins are of bronze age vintage, and said to have been built before 10000 B. C., the new agers say there must have been some otherworldly influence for this “advanced” civilization to have flourished ostensibly 7,000 years before the “bronze age” began, an anomaly in human history supposedly because of a space alien influence.

If the new agers and mainstream scientists would just objectively look at the evidence, they would come to see that the ruins of the submerged cities are from the bronze age, when Atlantis and Lemuria (not continents) flourished along ice age shorelines, operating out of port cities, whose ruins are now found on the shallow seafloor in many parts of the world, submerged when the Ice Age ended circa 1500 B. C., corroborating the legends and ruins of the submerged cities of the kumari kandam and rama empires of India, the ruins off the egyptian mediterranean coast, off Greece, southern Spain, Libya, Japan, Pohnpei, Cook Islands, and may other locations, bronze age megalithic structures, consumed by the sea, 9,000 lunar cycles, not solar cycles, before the greek Solon’s time.

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