Philadelphia Democrat Big Wig Attorney Philip Berg Files Suit Seeking Injunction against Barack H. Obama’s Candidacy Campaign Democrat National Convention to be Contentious because Philip Berg Filed Suit in Eastern Pennsylvania Federal District Court to Decide whether Barack Obama is Ineligible to Run for President not a Natural Born Citizen

Democrat attorney in Philadelphia, Philip Berg, is not a popular man with the Obama folks these days, because he filed suit in Federal District Court yesterday challenging Barack H. Obama’s eligibility to run for president.

The timely lawsuit claims that the illinois senator Obama’s “Hawaii birth certificate,” presented as legitimate around the internet (including at Obama’s website), is a fraud, a photo-shop, a computer alteration of the birth certificate of Obama’s half sister, Maya Cassandra Soetoro (altered to Barack Hussein Obama).  The suit also claims that Obama was born in Kenya, because his Mom couldn’t get to Hawaii in time for his birth there for him to be a U.S. citizen, and that Obama was an Indonesian citizen as a child, having enrolled in school in Indonesia as Barry Soetoro, the name by which he is remembered there.

The mainstream media has been asleep-at-the-wheel on this issue, but now, with the formal filing having been completed, I think they will have no choice but to reluctantly cover this political bombshell for Team Obama, particularly as signage will surely appear at the Democrats’ convention in a few days in Denver saying such as “Barry Soetoro for President of Indonesia,” or “Muslim Kenyans for Barack Hussein Obama,” or “Who is Barry Soetoro?”

Berg says he filed the suit to prevent a Waterloo for the Democrats in the general election against McCain, which obviously means he filed to benefit Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, who is still in the race, now with almost the same amount of delegates as Obama, with many, no doubt, now reconsidering their blind allegiance, to this point, for Barack H. Obama, whose candidacy is surely in jeopardy with Berg’s lawsuit for Hillary.

P.S.  Philip Berg was on Michael Savage’s show, and Rush Limbaugh talked about the case on his show, both on 10/23/08, today as I write.

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