Cause and Effect of Eustatic Sea Level Fluctuations for Sedimentation during Ocean’s Transgressions and Regressions for Tectonic Lithospheric Loading onto Continents by Sea Level Rise and Inundation for Sedimentary Deposition Regimes Reflected in Continental Geologic Column What Caused World Ocean to Rise and Flood Large Landmasses?

Mainstream geologists, who adhere to the darwinian timeline, say that the ocean has transgressed and then regressed many times, on and off the continents, leaving sediments behind, through about five hundred million years, but why would the ocean rise to cover vast expanses of the continents?  Did the interior mantle of the earth push up against the oceanic crust to displace oceanwater to flood onto the continents, or did the continental crust somehow sink deeper into mantle, causing the ocean to surge onto the continents, or was it a combination of both, as they say, many times through hundreds of millions of years, and if so, where is the evidence for such isostatic changes through the purported millions of years of geologic history? 

The only significant sea level rise reported in history (besides the Deluge) is from circa 1500 B.C., when the coastal kingdoms of ancient India, Rama and Kumari Kandam, were flooded by the sea, when the port cities of the atlantean empire went under, 9,000 lunar cycles (not years) before Solon’s time, and much of Greece too (as reported by Plato), which was the end of the Ice Age; this is the only real sea level change noted in 4,000 years, because of the melting of the vast ice age icepacks, which caused sea level to rise about 300 feet, so this is not the type of transgression of the ocean onto the continents for buildup of the sedimentary column proponed by the mainstreamers, because the Ice Age began supposedly about a million years ago, while the geologic column has been building up for purportedly hundreds of millions of years, but what then caused the ocean to rise up on the continents to deposit all those vast layers of sediments, grading into each other, with billions of creatures entombed therein? 

There was an episode of intense mantle activity in the earth’s history which caused the continental and oceanic tectonic plates to grow and move horizontally as well as vertically, which caused vast loads of eroded sediment to redeposit on the continents to form the sedimentary geologic column, layers often stacked like pancakes, grading into each other, which uplifted due to isostatic readjustment at the close of this catastrophic tectonic episode, so read more about it in chapter 9 of the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, and consider all this when you read the Genesis account, with this great information in mind

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