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At the Saddleback Showdown last night, pastor Rick Warren asked the candidates at what age does a fetus/baby gain human rights to be defended by law, and John McCain replied at conception, while Barack Obama replied that he’d leave that answer to people of a “higher pay grade,” which lets the world know that he meant his vote (in Illinois as state senator) that babies born alive, despite having had abortions attempted upon them, can be killed after having been born alive.

So the indo european language root of the latin word fetus, meaning suckling (of teets), obviously does not register with Obama and his “progressive” cohorts, who want to continue to deny each state the right to decide the abortion issue on their own, according to the Tenth Amendment, allowing states where majorities realize that fetus means baby, not just blob of goo, to ban abortion-on-demand in their states, which of course, does not mean that other states can’t keep it legal.

This is the fair way to handle it, allowing the states individually to decide the abortion issue, by state referenda; and should Obama become consistent in his logic, he would have to flip to this position too, because last night he told Warren and the listening audience that the illegality of gay marriages should be left-up to the states to decide, so his message too should be for the overturning of Roe v. Wade, for states to decide this issue, according to the Tenth Amendment, as he propones for the gay marriage issue.

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