Nicholas D. Kristof of New York Times Has Audio Tape Recording of Barack Hussein Obama Chanting Singing Reciting Muslim Call to Prayer in Fluent Practiced Polished Arabic Accent from Interview in U. S. Senate Office February 27, 2007 Obama Says Muslim Call to Prayer is the Prettiest Sound on Earth at Sunset Nicholas Kristof Should Release Audio Tape for Sale for Public Consumption Would be Worth Lots of Money to New York Times’ Stockholders

What would be the dollar value of an audio tape recording of Barack Hussein Obama saying that the sound of the arabic muslim call to prayer is one of the prettiest sounds on earth, then following, his actually chanting the call to prayer in perfect arabic, as if he learned it as a kid; would it be worth $20,000,000, or perhaps $200,000,000?  Well, Nicholas Kristof and the New York Times should have the audio tape of Kristof’s interview with Obama in his U. S. senate office, February 27, 2007 (for Kristof’s article which appeared in the Times on March 6, 2007), of that bizarre commentary and rendition by B. Hussein which is certainly worth alot of money to those who oppose Obama’s candidacy, the sale of which by the Times would greatly please their beleaguered stockholders who have seen their stock value plummet with ever declining revenues, so this sale would really help out.  Let the bidding begin!

And if you’d like to know how the ancient Egyptians designed the Great Pyramid’s size according to the pi value, by the stars, then checkout article #2 at, and see for much more enlightnenment here

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