Muslim North and South Ossetia Seeks Independence Nationhood Status Autonomous State Like Kosovo but Christian Ossetians were Happy with Georgia Respecting New Testament Shunning Sharia Law of Growing Caucasus Mountains’ Muslim Population of Ossetia Seeks Islamic Theocracy Independent of Russia and Georgia on Black Sea’s Eastern Shores

Ossetian leaders have said they seek an autonomous state, the independent nation of Ossetia, which includes a bit of southern Russia and northern Georgia in the northern range of the Caucasus Mountains, a people known to be the descendants of the Sarmatians (‘star” Madai, a son of Shem), whose offspring settled there in the high Caucasus mountains after the Ice Age had ended (see category Catastrophic Climate Change).  Today’s Ossetians, led by the Muslims there, who compose almost 50% of the population, seek nationhood, to form (they say) a state like Kosovo, which is now an islamic nation smack-dab in the middle of old Yugoslavia; not what the Russians want on the eastern shore of the Black Sea, and not what the Georgians want there either.

The Christians of south Ossetia (the portion which is part of Georgia) were happy being a part of Georgia, where islamic jihad is being battled, and Christianity is encourged, but now with Russia having moved in, Ossetia looks to become a puppet of Russia, along with the rest of Georgia, thanks to the practicing Muslims of Ossetia having sought independent nationhood for an islamic government, like Kosovo, against the will  of the Christians of Ossetia.  But if Russia does takeover Georgia, they will still have to deal with the hundreds of thousands of Muslims there, 10% of whom (the stats tell us) are radical islamic jihadists, or supporters of them, who will hinder the Russians at every-turn, like they did in neighboring Chechnya, still a hotbed of jihadist planning and activity.

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