Russians May Bomb Attack Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline South Ossetia Indepedence Movement from Georgia was Russia’s Excuse to Invade and Threaten New BTC Oil Pipeline Energy for Western Europe from Rich Caspian Oil Fields Russian Missiles Strike Tbilisi Airport and May Disrupt Oil Flow to the West Russians Seek Power Grab in Republic of Georgia

Capitalizing on south Ossetia’s revolt for independence from Georgia, in the Caucasus mountains east of the Black Sea, the russian army and airforce moved in to supposedly restore order and help Ossetia gain her independence, but the invasion is actually for Russia to regain dominance in the region, having now bombed the Tbilisi airport, threatening to bomb the nearby newly completed Baku-Tbilisi-Cekhan oil pipeline, which promises to soon supply much needed oil to western Europe, and owned by the Georgian government and major western oil companies, and a source of irritation to the Russians, as they would prefer that they profit from the pipeline, instead of the Georgians, who broke away from the old Soviet Union about twenty years ago.

The Russians will dominate Georgia if they choose to do so, and could destroy or secure the pipeline for themselves quite easily, and because Muslims are more inclined to side with the Russians rather than with the West, the advantages for Russia in this situation make the takeover of the pipeline quite palatable and beneficial to Putin and his comrades, so don’t be surprised if they go ahead and takeover the pipeline, tearing up the old contracts, negotiating new ones.

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