Russia Attacks Invades Breakaway Province South Osetia Northern Caucasus Georgia Muslim Islamic Jihad Enclave Rebels Against Georgia Too Will Defend or Oppose South Osetia in Current Warfare Dispute?

The Russians have invaded south Osetia, a northern province of Georgia, on the northern slope of the Caucasus mountains, which had been rebelling against Georgia, trying to become an independent Muslim state, so you wonder how hard the Georgians will defend south Osetia, a hotbed of islamic jihad against the Russians, and so, a possiblity seems to be that the Georgians will allow the Russians to clear out the islamic rebels, against whom the Georgians had been fighting anyway, with some trade or strategic allowance given to Russia in return.

The Russians and Georgians are experiencing islamic jihad, as has America, Western Europe, and now China too, with the Turkmenistan Muslims making threats at the Beijing Olympic Games, so this will be a very interesting struggle in south Osetia, with islamic jihad forcing strong action from governments who resist that horrific muslim aggression mandated aggressioin the Koran, the bible of the Muslims, whose fury is also felt in Kenya where the muslim backed candidate for president there was campaigned for by Barack Hussein Obama, now running to be the leader of the free world, ironically.

And if you’d like to know the ancient origin of the methodology used by modern aviators to pinpoint locations on earth, such as that of the jetfighters of Russia now flying over Georgia, and navigators, such as of the russian fleet, now off Georgia’s Black Sea coast, see article #2 at

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