John McCain’s Campaign TV Ads by Karl Rove Ally Acolyte Steve Schmidt Brittany Spears Paris Hilton Moses by Charlton Heston Sarcasm Parting Red Sea Barack Obama Stops Sea Level Rise Commercials Said to Be Childish Sophomoric Mean Spirited by McCain Ads by Steve Schmidt are Funny Truth through Light Sarcasm and Clownish anti Obama Hyperbole

Steve Schultz, who has worked with Karl Rove through the years, has created two hit campaign commercials for Team McCain, the one equating Obama’s all-style-and-no-substance celebrity with that of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, and the other, about Obama causing sea level to stop rising (as he said he would) like Charleton Heston’s Moses in the movie clip caused the Red Sea to part, which have been the subject of much discussion in the leftwing mainstream press, as they play the commercials over and over again on tv, trying to point out racism, or meanness, or whatever, coming from Team McCain through these ads.

So McCain gets all that free airtime for the ad, apparently not ever having needed to actually purchase airtime; Schmidt has played the Obama-loving media as pawns, causing them to incessantly play the very humorous commercials for McCain for free to try to point out fault in them, which is backfiring, because most Americans see the ads as good humor with a message, that Obama’s inexperienced, with bad policies and allegiances, who thinks the big crowd in Germany makes him somehow special to a majority of American voters, as his numbers drop almost by the day.

The way it’s looking now, with the release of Corsi’s new book, The Obama Nation, I wouldn’t be surprised if McCain beats Obama 55% to 45% in the general election (if Obama becomes the Democrats’ nominee in Denver later this month).

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