Who First Measured the Earth was not Eratosthenes but Great Pyramid Designers Chaldean Astrologers Could Measure the Earth How Did the Ancients Calculate the Size of the Earth Did Vedic Hindus Measure the Earth’s Circumference Why was Ruler Atlas Known for his Mapping from Atlantis?

Mainstream archaeologists and mathematicians have been befuddled about the ancient mesopotamian chaldean’s use of base 6, rather than base 5, or 10, for their numerations of astrology (the founding of the 360 degree concept for earth mapping), because they think the ancients would have used the simple number of fingers and toes, for counting, for the earliest units of space and time (ostensibly when simple cavemen became humans). 

Mainstream academics have no rational explanation for this base 6 (or 60) concept of the ancients, but when you (they) read the simple explanation in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, it’s then readily apparent that the base six system was derived astronomically, confirming that the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza was surveyed geometrically by the stars, and rationalizing Atlas’ reputation as the map man, who held the world on his shoulders, figuratively, as he controlled the earth in the sense that he accurately measured it, so he and the other ancient navigators could sail to locations around the globe, by the stars, with navigational precision to within 0.5%.

Eratosthenes of classical Greece, about 2,000 years after the Great Pyramid was built, is credited with first measuring the earth with some precision, but to only a 5% accuracy, by measuring shadows, so you see that mainstream academia needs to update their information, as it’s evident that the ancients, thousands of years before Eratosthenes, were measuring the earth with much greater precision, and by the apparent movement of the stars, not crudely by shadows as performed by Eratosthenes.

I hope you refer the ancient mapping finding in the link to your teachers and professors, so they too can see the real reason for the dimensions of the Great Pyramid, and the rationale for the ancient numbering system, base 6, which also is evidenced in the ancient vedic hindu yuga periods of time, and in the “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings,” which demonstrate that the ancients were navigating and mapping the globe during the Ice Age, which ended much later than popularly advertised by mainstream academia; the same folks who can’t understand why the ancient numeration system was base 6, the forerunner of our modern nautical mile mapping system and the number matrix of the religion of astrology, worshipping the creation, not the Creator.

See too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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