Who First Discovered Mapped Charted Antarctica South Pole Subglacial Geomorphology Mountain Ranges River Valleys of Pre Ice Age Antarctica Underneath Polar Ice Cap Oronteus Finaeus Map of 1531 Shows Antarctica with Great Precison by Calculating Geometry Except Four Times Too Big Captain Cook Probably Expected to Sail to Antarctica

The Oronteus Finaeus Map of 1531 shows the coastline of Antarctica in great detail, which is shocking enough considering that Antarctica supposedly wasn’t discovered until 1818 by the Russians, but what really takes the cake is that the map shows mountain ranges and river valleys of Antarctica which are now under thousands of vertical feet of snow and ice, showing them right were they have been found to be through modern remote sensing techniques, so the Ice Age navigators were there, mapping the continent, precisely, and actually early in the Ice Age (obviously), and one of those maps of Antarctica by the ancient sea kings fell into the hands of Oronteus Fineaus in medieval times, who made his map from it.

But Oronteus Finaeus misread the labeling (or non labeling) of the polar latitudes on the since-lost ancient source map, having mistaken the 80 degree parallel for the 23.5 degree parallel (the Arctic Circle), Antarctica so was drawn four times too big, proving that nobody had been down there since ancient times because Finaeus had correctly detailed the geomorphology and coastline shape of Antarctica yet had no idea that the continent should not have been drawn merely a few miles from the southern tip of South America, and just a few hundred from the southern tip of Africa.

Captain Cook may have anticipated seeing Antarctica when he sailed around Cape Horn, from the Atlantic into the Pacific, because many maps in the 1700’s, such as Mercator’s, showed Antarctica as it’s outlined on the Oronteus Finaeus map, but he sailed right on by, for Antarctica to later be “discovered” by the Russians in 1818.

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