Ancient Seafaring Sailing on Arctic and Antarctic Circumpolar Navigation Routes During “Pleistocene” Phoenicians Egyptians Formorians Moroccans (Moors) Mauretanians Men of Land of Air Eir Eirland Ireland Sailed South Along Africa and South America Coasts South to Antarctica and Up into Pacific Easter Island Cook Islands Micronesia and Melanesia Maori First Settled from the Southern Route from Ice Age Antarctica Polar Route from Atlas’ Atlantis Atlantic

The Pohnpeians (Nan Mado) of Micronesia in the western Pacific say that their ancient ancestors sailed there from the southeast, from the Land of Eir, and islands of the mid Pacific and eastern Pacific, such as the Cook Islands and Easter Island, are named after the egyptian sun god Ra, the islands of Rarotonga, Rapaiti, Ravavae, and Rapanui (Easter Island), so since the Formorians of ancient Ireland and Morocco (Moors, Formoriachi), noted navigators, along with the neighboring Mauretanians and Libyans (who were all of the empire of Atlas, based near Gibraltar).

And since the Egyptians with that same navigational capability utilizing the ancient mapping method by the slow wobble rate of the earth’s axis described at would have sought the shortest easiest route to the eastern Pacific from Egypt, via a southern circumpolar route along the eastern coast of Africa, then past the pacific side of Antarctica, to then pop up in the southeastern Pacific (Easter Island and the Cook Islands), rather than having sailed the longer route east from Egypt, past India and Sundaland, whose seas were dominated by the fleets of Rama (Dwaraka), Kumari Kandam, and Bali (the submerged ruins of which are found now on the shallow seafloor because of the end of the Ice Age sea level rise).

And the navigators of Mauri, Morocco, the Moors, the Formorians of Ireland too, all of the legendary atlantean empire of the eastern Atlantic, sailed down through the south Atlantic, passing on the atlantic side of Antarctica, and then up into the Pacific, some of them having settled Pohnpei, where are the famous ruins of Nan Madol, with extensive ruins submerged offshore, of Khanihmweiso), from the end of the Ice Age, who had come from the Land of Eir, apparently Ireland.

So the ancient Maori (Moriori) of Melanesia could well be named after the Mauri (Mauretania) and Morocco of the northwest african coast, so the evidence is quite strong that many of the islands of the Pacific were first settled by circumpolar navigators (see Oronteus Finaeus Map), along with the thrust of the Lapida (Lapita) people, commonly thought to be of Malay and Indian stock, the Tamil and the Balinese.  And please be certain to checkout

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