Barack Hussein Obama’s New Refitted Retrofitted Upscaled Campaign 757 Jet Aircraft Finished Ready to Take Off Set Sail with “Change We Can Believe In” Printed Painted on Both Jet’s Sides and the Letter O or Number 0 Emblazened Painted on Obama Campaign Jet’s Tail Fin End Piece for Much Leeway for Fun with Barack Obama’s New Campaign Jet

Barack Obama’s refitted 757 campaign jet is now ready to fly, with “Change We Can Believe In” painted on both sides, and the letter O painted on the tail fin, so fortunately for comedians and opponents of Obama, the O looks like a 0 (zero), and the zero for his electability index, because Americans are learning about his concerning ties to the islamic world, such as with Raila Odinga of Kenya, which will probably mean a healthy margin of victory for John McCain in the fall general election.

And the 0 could stand for his apparent zero eligibility to even be running for president, because the photocopy of his “Hawaii birth certificate,” which Team Obama displayed at their Stop the Smears website, has been demonstrated to be fraudulent, and since some Barack Obama Jr. was reportedly born in the presidential candidate’s father’s hometown in nortwest Kenya in 1961, the zero could also be for Obama’s perhaps zero chance of emerging from the Democrats’ national convention in Denver next month, as Team Hillary waits patiently in the wings.

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