Ancient Egyptians’ Sun God Atum Ra was Brought by Seafaring Explorers to South Pacific Islands Rapanui Rarotonga Raitaia Rapaiti Raivavae of Cook Islands Navigated to First Settled by Antarctic not Arctic Circumpolar Navigation Route Sailing Sea Course of Egyptian Navigators Worshipped Atum (Adam) Ra Old Kingdom Navigators Sailed All Over the World by Star Navigation Measuring Time by Astronomy

I just considered this in the last few days; many noteworthy authors, such as W. J. Perry and Barry Fell, have postulated that the names of islands in the Cook Islands of the South Pacific, Rarotonga, Rapaiti, Ravavae, Raitaia, and Rapanui (which is Easter Island), were named in association with Ra, the egyptian sun god, also known as Atum (Adam) Ra, who many archaeologists now agree was brought to the South Pacific during the bronze age by old kingdom egyptian navigators, utilizing the mapping method explained in article #2 at, by which they also surveyed the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza,

The sun god Ra was brought by the egyptian navigators sailing east from the Red Sea, past India, and on into the Pacific, but with the ancient mapping method described in the link, it’s plausible that the egyptian navigators could more easily have sailed due south from the Red Sea, south along the african east coast, down around the bottom of the earth past Antarctica, which was relatively balmy during the Ice Age (see category Catastrophic Climate Change), and then up up from the south into the southeastern Pacific, the purpose for this shorter circumpolar route having been to avoid the fleets of the maritme powers of Bali, Dwaraka, and Kumari Kandam, in the India Ocean; plus the antarctic circumpolar route is shorter.

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