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Powerful Rabbi Aharon Feldman, leading expert on the Torah, has condemned the work of Rabbi Nosson (Natan) Slifkin, who has written three books saying that the darwinian timeline can be fitted into the history recorded in the book of Genesis, which is clearly ridiculous, if you take the time to read how Genesis reads, what a twelve year old would say it says about the approximate age of the earth and universe, about 6,000 years, as the hebrew rabbis have been saying for millennia.

But along comes Slifkin trying to cozy up to secular darwinists by trying to shoehorn darwinism into the biblical timeline, like the Pope has said that darwinism is compatible with the Torah, but Feldman is standing firm against the secularists who would infiltrate Judaism, to render the Genesis account senseless, as if elohim God said what He really didn’t intend to say.  Slifkin would have us believe that God really is describing a 15 billion year old earth and darwinism.

Feldman rightly points-out that the universe would seem to be billions of years old, because it would have taken the light from the distant trillions-of-miles-away stars billions of years to reach earth, but of course, with gravitational time dilation during the literal six days of creation, according to Einstein’s theory of general relativity, the speed of light was greatly accelerated during the expansion of the matter from days one through four, as explained in chapter 17 of the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!  And because the tenets of the commonly accepted Big Theory posit contradictory presuppositions, as explained in chapter 17, the young universe described in Genesis is corroborated by physics, by Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which contradicts the underlying notions of the Big Bang Theory.

And Rabbi Slifkin has apparently forgotten that Toledoth (Genesis) means generations, the generations of ancient eyewitnesses to all the history of Genesis, except the six days of creation, as explained in article #13 at, so Slifkin should study the toledoth concept more closely, to see that eyewitnesses, beginning with Adam, recorded the history, on cuneiform tablets, to later be edited and redacted by the compilers of the texts, Moses and his scribes.

Although mainstream science tells us that the holy writ of the Bible is wrong, take solace in that there are many great scientific reasons to know it’s right, and because the darwinian “species” is a meaningless term, and since the term syngameons (kinds) is realistically operative in the realm of natural selection, science actually corroborates the genetic bottleneck of animals with Noah’s Flood, rendering darwinism absurd, particulary in light of the other proofs of the veracity of the holy Torah described at this website, and in my books and dvd’s.


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