Retired North Carolina Astrophysicist Michael Reed Discovers Finds Pi Value in Ten Sections of England’s Latest Crop Circle Wiltshire United Kingdom Shows Imitates Atlantis and Great Pyramid of Giza not Space Aliens’ Geometrical Methods in Controversial Geometry of Crop Circles of Great Britain

The newly discovered value of pi, to ten digits, depicted in the geometry of the elaborate crop circle in Wiltshire, England, as noted by retired astrophysicist Michael Reed of North Carolina, is representative of the pi relationships in the astronomically-derived dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza (see article #2 at, and also, in the dimensions of Atlantis (now submerged off Cadiz, Spain), as detailed by Plato (see category here Atlantis Revealed), so the anciently known value of pi, seldom acknowledged by mainstream scientists, is being hoaxed now in these crop circles, as if it’s a revelation of some alien otherworldly knowledge, of which the ancients were supposedly not capable to understand, but as you can see in the link, was no big deal to them, measuring the earth with simple mechanical devices, and the knowledge of the nature of the hexagon vis-a-vis the pi value.

See the big picture here

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