New Crop Circle in UK United Kingdom England Near Barbury Castle Wiltshire Southwest Britain Reflects Pi Value Says Retired North Carolina Astrophysicist and Electrical Engineer Michael Reed Discovers Pi Value to Ten Digits in Ratcheted Whorl of Concentric Rings English Crop Circle Portrays Reveals Shows Astronomical Pi Value in Great Pyramid’s Geometry and Royal Cubit Measurement

Retired astrophysicist Michael Reed of North Carolina divided an image of a new crop circle (from Wiltshire, England, near Barbury Castle) into ten sections, and discovered that the section lines’ intersections with the concentric rings of the crop circle (which are actually a whorl or spiral from the center to the outer ring) reveal the pi value to ten digits, 3.141592654, and because the ancients measured the pi relationship in their determination of the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza (geometry according to the rate of the slow wobble of the earth’s axis), this crop circle in England is designed as a manifestation of that ancient knowledge, making the designer of it seem to be otherworldy, feeding the frenzy that the crop circles are some kind of electromagnetic imprint from aliens in outer space.  But see article #2 under to understand how the ancients did measure the earth (geo metry) by measuring the rate that the stellar constellations appear to move relative to the horizon, from year to year, because of the precession of the earth’s axis.  See too

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