Political Mover and Shaker Consultant Candidate and Corporate Adviser Analyst Chris Wilson Research Strategies Says Many Independents and Democrats Have Turned Their Backs On Rejected Barack Obama Candidacy Campaign John McCain Conservative Media Commercials Advocacy Will Marginalize Ultra Liberal Socialist Barack Obama Has Muslim World Allegiances Seeks “Social Gospel”

Chris Wilson, the very successful political and corporate strategist of Wilson Research Strategies, says that John McCain will almost certainly win the general election, because Barack Obama, if he comes out of Denver on top, has even already lost the confidence and trust of blue-collar workers, national security-conscious Independents, and all Americans who (with great angst) wonder about the democrat candidate’s associations favorable to islamic jihad and the destruction of Israel.

So considering that these people have certainly made up their minds, and also, because Hillary’s backers will be highly agitated after the Democrats’ convention in Denver, if Hillary doesn’t end-up on top, which she still can (because delegates can and have changed their minds), McCain would win easily against Obama, probably by a rather wide margin; something for the Democrat delegates to consider as they proceed to their convention in early August.

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