What Ended the Ice Age Pleistocene Why Mastodons Wooly Mammoths Deer Were Frozen in Muck Ice Temperate Arctic Ocean Coast During Ice Age Large Herbivores and Carnivores Roamed Siberia River Valleys Coastal Plains Frigid Cold Subzero Winters Began End of Pleistocene Summer Meltdown

Mainstream scientists won’t flat-out say this, that the winters were much less severe in the Arctic during the Ice Age than today, but they will say that the hundreds of thousands of large herbivores, now entombed in ice and muck, indeed feasted on lush foliage there during the Ice Age, in the coastal plains and river valleys of Siberia, so the winters must have been much less severe, to allow the huge amounts of food needed for all those elephants and deer which inhabited the lush pastures of the coastal region.  Of course, fifty miles or so inland from the coast, the Ice Age icepack had built up, but near the shore, the dense clouds produced merely rainfall most of the time there, because the oceans during the Ice Age were paradoxically warmer, the engine which provided the higher evaporation rates off the oceans to produce the dense cloudcover for the great Ice Age precipitation; much rain near the coast, and much snow farther inland.

And when the Ice Age ended, it was because the oceans had cooled, so the engine for the dense cloudcover was out of gas, which allowed much colder winters, and much warmer summers, so the icepacks melted rapidly in the longer warmer summers, causing massive floods, which drowend and entombed the creatures in muck, to be frozen the following winter, some remaining to be discovered in modern times, even with flesh still entact.

This obvious scenario is not explored by mainstream scientists, because they don’t think that warmer oceans had to have caused the dense cloudcover for the prodigious Ice Age precipitation, but there is no other way to explain it, therefore, the really depressing fact for the Darwinists and other mainstream academics is that the “fountains of the deep,” spoken of in Genesis, which are the midoceanic rift ridges in the the ocean floor, were the cause of the paradoxically warmer oceans which were the engine for the Ice Age.  And lest you laugh at the notion of Noah’s Flood, know that the mountains rose and the continents thickened during and at the close of the Flood, so read more about it in the free ebook download of my first book Old Earth? Why Not!, seeing too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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