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The earth is supposedly about 4 to 5 billion years old, and the ancient supercontinent Pangea which separated into the continental configurations which we see today began to breakup supposedly about 200 million years ago, and at the current rate the continents are moving today atop the mantle, plate tectonics (ostensibly gradual plate movement over millions and billions of years), the Americas continental crust would have hit the Asia continental crust in about 400 million years, to crumple up to form a mountain range such as the Himalayas, which was formed by such a collision, and shows gradual crustal movement there too now, still crushing together, so in the 400 million years, the India continental plate would have still crushed into the Asia Plate to further the elevation of the Himalayas up to may times their current size, this all in 400 million years.

Considering that the granitic continental crust of the earth is supposedly about 4 billion years old, we wonder that there must have been many Pangea’s, about 10 of them (10 x 400 million years = 4 billion years), to compensate for the theorized great age and gradualistic formation of the earth’s geology, but such is not reflected in the geology we see, which is mostly flat-lying sedimentary layers of varying composition, grading into each other, lying conformably atop the continental crust, just what you’d expect from the Deluge.

And those layers were folded to become the high mountain chains at the close of Noah’s Flood, so geology actually comports with the Global Flood Model, and the uniformitarian (over billions of years for the formation of the geologic column) model is rendered senseless, because there cannot have been many Pangea’s, the geologic record demonstrates it never happened, so the plate tectonics which caused the geology we see was rapid, and this is confirmed by that there are magnetic reversals reflected in the orientations of minerals in sedimenary rocks of different strata, with same reversals reflected in lava rocks which took only weeks to cool, proving that the sedimentary layers too were laid down in weeks, entombing billions of creatures in the process.  Read more about it in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!

And look to see the ancient origin of our modern nautical mile mapping system, the methodology used to reduce the dimensions of the earth to establish the astronomically-derived dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza in article #2 under

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