What is Causing Creating Killer Tornadoes Thunderstorms Torrential Rains Floods Summer Global Atmospheric Warming or Geothermal Volcanic Heating of Oceans Hydrological Cause Engine of Ice Age Conditions Like Temperate High Latitude Great Britain England by Warm Gulf Stream and Pacific Northwest of America by Warm Japan Current

Did you ever wonder why higher latitude regions of the world, such as Great Britain and the Pacific Northwest of America, are rainy and relatively temperate, while other regions of similar latitude, such as eastern Canada and eastern Siberia, are with subzero temperatures and far less precipitation during the course of a year?  Well, because the warm Japan Current flows northeast, up from Indonesia, past the Pacific Northwest coast of America, and the Gulf Stream flows northeast, up from the Caribbean, past the western shores of Great Britain, those high latitude regions have much cloudcover, and therefrom, much rainfall (with snow in the higher elevations), because more water evaporates off the warm ocean currents than off the colder ocean waters of the german and eastern siberian coasts.  So during the Ice Age, when snow fell to accumulate thousands of feet deep, the oceans obviously were paradoxically warmer, the engine which drove the hydrologic cycle to produce the dense cloudcover for all that snowfall, and rainfall along the coasts where snow didn’t accumulate because the atmosphere along the coasts were warmed by the warm ocean, like Great Britain and the Pacific Northwest are today.

With that dense global cloudcover during the Ice Age, according to meterology 101, the summers were cooler and the winters were warmer, so the coasts along the Arctic Ocean were warmed in the winter by the warmer oceans, as well as, the insulation of the lower atmosphere by the cloudcover, explaining the evidence now in the frozen muck of Siberia and Canada that huge herds of elephants and other large herbivores (with carnivores of course) once roamed pastures and forests in the bands along the coast, where now it’s frozen tundra almost year ’round.  It was a completely different world there then during the Ice Age, much the same as the temperature and precipitation levels of Great Britain and the Pacific Northwest, such today because of those warm currents up from the equatorial regions.

And from this you can see that the devastating floods, tornadoes, and thunderstorms, which have struck the U.S. this early summer, are by the great amounts of water risen into the atmosphere, from the greater evaporation off the oceans, which collides with the cold fronts from the north, with devastating effect, massive flooding, ultimately caused by greater evaportation off the oceans, caused either by a solar flux or by geothermal heating of the oceans from below, in which case we’d have another Ice Age on our hands, if that geothermal heating of the oceans continued, and if by solar flux, the greater cloudcover from it will cool the atmosphere back down, the negative-feedback mechanism in the hydrologic/meteorologic cycle which renders the global-warming alarmists’ cries of impending disaster essentially senseless.

And during the Ice Age, the ancients were measuring and mapping the globe by the stars, see article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com for the explanation, all corroborating the history laidout in the book of Genesis, including the plethora of evidences for it detailed in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!  See too please http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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