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Christian preacher Joel Osteen was interviewed on 60 Minutes tonight about his fantastically successful ministry, bringing Joel to tears as he talked about how humble he feels being able to help so many people, a very touching moment. And Joel has been truly a marvel in the pulpit, helping millions of people through his inspiring words, broadcast on tv, rooted in biblical scripture.  But critics of Osteen say he doesn’t preach enough about heaven and hell, to which Osteen responds that he has a niche to fill in the panoply of preaching approaches, which is true, and he’s doing a great job doing it, as I suspect many of the critical pastors are just jealous of Osteen’s success.

Osteen continues to lead the church founded by his father, John Osteen, a pioneer in “full gospel ministry,” who was a baptist preacher with a small following, but began to preach that the gifts of the Spirit are for Christians today, not just at the time of the Apostles, and then his ministry really took off, Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, which is now housed in The Summit, the Houston Rockets home arena for many years.

Osteen’s approach to preaching is to encourage people in their everyday lives, practical approaches from scripture to deal with the ups and downs of our lives here on earth, geared to believers, but Osteen always invites unbelievers to become adopted by God through Jesus Christ during his preaching, to be born again, by the Spirit, so Osteen is certainly a great preacher of the Gospel, encouraging millions of Christians, and leading many more to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

At the end of the segment on 60 Minutes tonight, it was announced that Osteen is planning a new primetime reality tv show, from his church in Houston, chronicling the good things which are happening to members of his flock because of faith, prayer, bible study, and worship.  Should be a big hit, because about half of Americas claim to be Christians, so this show should really take off.  And to see that all of the Bible is true, I hope you take advantage of the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, and article #2 at, if you’d like to know how the ancients measured the earth by the stars, and checkout

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