Case Study Prime Example Black White Racism Issue Presidential Campaign for Barack Hussein Obama Against John McCain Republican Boxing Promotor Don King Endorses Supports Promotes Black Liberal Presidential Candidate Dynamic Race Loyalty Hillary Clinton Suspends Campaign Holds Maintains Keeps Delegates for Democrat Convention in Denver

Longtime republican Don King, boxing promotor for decades for the likes of Larry Holmes and Mike Tyson, and certainly an american icon of the sports world, somewhat slyly (this morning on Fox and Friends) endorsed Barack Obama for president, demonstrating the rampant black racism in this presidential election.  Don King has for many years lauded the work of republican George W. Bush, supporting low taxes and strong national defense.  Don would wave his american flag shouting the praises of George W, but now, he says Barack Obama, with the most liberal voting record in the Senate (exactly opposite of what King has supported for years) is the man to be president, so all we can say is he’s voting for Obama merely because he’s half black, eschewing all his political principles to support one of his “race,” to vote for Obama merely because of his skin color, the opposite of what Martin Luther King said.

Don King noted that Obama gleaned many white votes in the early Iowa primary victory, propelling his campaign forward, so showing that “America is ready as the world watches,” but to elect a president who directly contradicts Don King’s want of lower taxes and strong national defense makes him plainly a racist in the sense that he votes for his race over his ideals, exactly what the Obama people hope will not happen by white people against Obama.

As Obama continues to dip in the polls, showing great weakness among lower income white voters, many of them in the pivotal states Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virgina, and Virginia, the liberal talking heads are saying it’s because the whites are racists, when in reality, Obama began to dip in the polls among whites only after the revelations about Obama’s associates, such as Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khalidi, Louis Farrakhan, and Raila Odinga, began to become known to the public, while the mainstream media types channel the notion that if Obama loses, it’s because american whites won’t vote for a black, which is tantamount to saying that white american Republicans would vote for a liberal white Democrat over a black Republican; a spurious notion, since it has been long hoped by millions of white Republicans that Colin Powell or Condi Rice would step forward to run for president or vice president.

Don King was fond of saying enthusiastically “George Herbert Walker Bush supports . . . . . . ,” so I wonder if he’ll do the same with “Barack Hussein Obama supports . . . . . . ?”  Would he not because of Obama’s friendships and associations with those affiliated with and supportive of islamic global jihad?  Book it, and watch for Hillary to continue to hang in the wings with her suspended presidential candidacy, to be activated at the Democrats’ convention in Denver later this summer, should enough democrat delegates have changed their minds about Obama by then.

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