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When you understand that many of the ancient gods (such as Posidon, Nereus, and Athena) were actually real biblical people (Sidon, Noah, and Naamah), who had been deified through the practice of ancestor worship (the worship of created beings rather than the Creator of all), you can see that many of the other gods were but character aspects of these gods who were real people (such as Athena’s aspects represented by Demeter, Aphrodite, and Minerva), and so, ancient mythologies are just overt augmentations of biblical history, created to obscure the role of the Creator God as described in the Bible, by the Spirit of the triune Creator himself, through human agents, on cuneiform tablets (see article #13 under

Hercules/Melkart was the biblical Nimrod, who propagated, with Hermes (Cush), the ancestor worship of Zeus, who actually was Adam, with Zeus meaning Deus or Dios, the “Father” god, who had gained knowledge from the Serpent, and so, was revered as the first man, who with his wife Hera (Eve), populated the earth with “gods” and humans.

The religion of Cain (Hephaestus), rejected by God in favor of that by Cain’s brother Seth (Ares), was carried through the Deluge, described in Genesis, by the wife of Ham (Chiron/Chronos), who was Naamah (Athena) mentioned in Genesis, of the generation of Tubal-Cain and Ham, born about 200 years before the Deluge (they lived longer back then), who survived the Deluge with the other seven on the Ark, to then spread the distorted religion of ancestor worship, through the stars, with the help of her husband, Ham(Chiron/Khem), and their son Cush (Hermes/Kish), and his son Nimrod (Herakles/Hercules/Marduk), pushing the worship of ancestors as gods in the ancient world, defying the God of the Bible.

Herodotus wrote that in his time (circa 400 B.C.), the megalithic fortresses along the north african coast, anciently built by Chronos (Khem/Ham), were still used by the natives, the remnants of which can today be seen (some of which are now submerged offshore on the continental shelf), and megalithic building is known to have begun circa 2500 B.C., so that is when Ham lived, known as Chronos or Chiron to the Greeks, and Khem to the Egyptians, known as the Time Man, who measured the earth by measuring the rate of the parade of the stars along the horizon because of the the slow wobble of the earth’s axis (see article #2 at, and therewith, had the know-how to survey the astronomically-derived dimensions of the Great Pyramid; long a mystery, now deduced.

These ancients reckoned time by precession, the slow wobble of the earth’s axis, because it allowed them to measure the earth accurately, and from this, they affixed supernaturality to the movements of the stars and planets, which they considered to be dead royalty, passed on to the afterlife, to become stars or planets, the basis of astrology; who and how you are by your position in the sky, so to speak.  And these dead ancestors, the gods, were said to influence human events, while the Bible explicitly says this is not the case, so there you have it, the age old battle between those who will worship the creation versus those who will worship the Creator.  Read more about it in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!  How how about the info here

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