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The Ipuwer Paprus from ancient Egypt written circa 1400 B.C. describes the dreadful calamities which struck Egypt when the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt to Canaan began.

The historical papyrus written by egyptian scribes tells of the starvation, violence, and total collapse of civil order, full blown anarchy, because of a dreadful drought with plagues which destroyed their society, later would to regroup as “New Kingdom” Egypt; much reduced in grandeur and influence, as the drought had persisted, having greatly reduced the available arable land, having become mostly a desert wasteland, but before 1500 B.C., it was a land of vast lakes and interconnecting rivers, as proven with the river and lake beds now buried under the sands of the Sahara, extending across northern Africa to the Atlantic during the Ice Age, but which began to dry up when the Ice Age ended.

And because the Ice Age ended much later than popularly advertised, many port cities of the ancient world such as those of Atlantis (Tharsin), pelasgian Greece, Canaan (Phoenicia), and Egypt, were submerged by the rising sea level at the end of the Ice Age, reported in ancient legends, and by Plato, whose megalithic ruins are now found offshore Spain, off Cadiz, Zahara de los Atunes Beach, Huelva, and Chipiona, and offshore Greece, off Elafonisi, Platygiali, Abdera, and Astakos, as well as, offshore Canaan (Lebanon), the submerged ruins of old Sidon, Yarmuta, and old Byblos, and offshore Egypt, the submerged ruins of Herakleion and Menouthis; bronze age megalithic ruins now submerged since the sea level rise when the Ice Age ended.

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