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Well known is the fact that the bronze age rulers surveyed their towns and centers of worship along measured ley lines, which radiate from focal geographic points, such as the ley line system emanating from Alaise, France, documented by Xavier Guichard back in 1911.  These ancient ley lines emanate from Alaise (east central France) in all directions for hundreds of miles, with towns and ancient sacred sites along those precise measures extending into Germany and Spain, the locations having similar etymological syllabic elements in their names which the article which I read didn’t specify.

And over in England there are ley line systems as well, with geographic locations’ names on the ley lines there ending in the operative syllable, ley, such as in the names Wembley and Hadley, along ley lines which were actually ancient mapping lines based upon a world mapping coordination system predicated on the ancients’ ability to measure the earth, and thereby, map it, with these ley lines being azimuthal (horizon) equidistant mapping radii calculated and surveyed by the precise ancient timekeeping application necessary to accurately measure east-west distances, as explained in article #2 at

And once you’ve digested that ancient mapping methodology (which explains why the royal cubit dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza), the information at will make sense in its proper ancient-mapping-by-precession-timekeeping context.  Also checkout somemore interesting ancient ley line info at for more about these systems used to demarcate the countrysides in ancient times, keeping in mind that the bronze age navigators and surveyors were using the methodology explained in article #2 at, which makes sense also of the “mysterious” Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (Hapgood), also demonstrating that this was the method used to measure the earth, geo metry, earth measure.

Notice that the numbers of ancient precession mapping are the same as of our modern nautical mile mapping system, base six numbers, because of hexagon geometry, as explained in article #2, and the numbers are also those of astrology, all based upon that the earth’s axis (the “World Tree” known as the Djed in ancient Egypt) wobbles slowly, once in 25,920 years, which is readily subdivided by the base six numbers of the ancient mapping finding, so don’t let anybody tell you the ancient egyptian royal cubit was the distance from some pharoah’s elbow to fingertip, which does nothing to explain why the dimenions of the Great Pyramid are a reduced embodiment of the dimensions of the earth by a factor of 43,200, which when multiplied by .6 equals 25,920.

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