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The evidence that most of the ancient greek gods were real people is approaching avalanche proportions with Robert Bowie Johnson Jr.’s new books Noah in Ancient Greek Art and The Parthenon Code, in which he presents the evidences from greek art and literature that Zeus was Adam, Hera was Eve, Hephaistos was Cain, and Ares was Seth, the first gods in the ancient greek religion of ancestor worship.  These “gods” are acknowledged to have been real people by the ancient Greek writers dating back to Homer and Hesiod, so Johnson is merely making the linkages from the hebrew biblical records to the written records and artwork of the ancient Greeks, and the evidence is quite compelling indeed, see for the impressive corroborations in the greek world of the biblical stories in the book of Genesis.  You will be blown away.

The lineage of Cain (Hephaestos), son of Adam (Zeus) and Eve (Hera), carried the rebellion against the creator God through pre Deluge history, with one of Cain’s progeny, Naamah, wife of Tubal Cain, born around the time of the birth of her future husband and Noah’s (Nereus’) son, Ham (Chiron, Cheron, Chronos), having brought the Cain religion of ancestor worship through the Deluge.  She was known to the ancient Greeks as Athena, the founder of Athens, who “came from the sea,” that is, she came through the Deluge, as did Nereus (Noah), who is often depicted with the fishtail of one who survived the Deluge, and Athena is often depicted in greek art with a serpent, so there you see Athena, fostering the serpent religion of ancestor worhip, using her son Cush (Hermes), and his son Nimrod (Herakles/Hercules), to carry the religion of materialism, ancestor worship, status, and astrology, to the population of the world which was rapidly growing and expanding in the centuries after the Tower of Babel incident, when this anti creator God religion against the God of Noah (Nereus) was close to having dominated mankind.

But the confusion of the languages at Babel circa 2200 B.C. served its purpose, with the 72 major language groups having been established by God at that point, to make the work of Naamah (with Ham’s help), Kush, and Nimrod, that much more difficult, but they did succeed in establishing the worship of ancestors, rather than the creator God, in much of the ancient world, the remnants of it which we see in many religious practices in the world today, which makes God jealous and angry, because he, Elohim (plural of El/God), sent His only begotten son, Jesus Christ, so that we who believe he came to earth to die for our sins will be saved from the damnation which our sins would bring us if Jesus did not come to do his work.  Praise God, Jesus Christ, who physically died that we may spiritually live.  See the big overview of ancient history here

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