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The layers of mystery concerning the true identities of the ancient greek gods are being peeled away by Robert Bowie Johnson Jr. in his books The Parthenon Code and Noah in Ancient Greek Art, the ancient greek iconographic artwork revealing that the biblical Noah was the greek god Nereus, and Athena was Naamah, the wife of Noah’s son Ham, she brought the ancestor-worship religion of Cain (Hephaestos), a son of Adam (Zeus), through the Deluge, to manifest by the enforcement of it by Naamah’s son Cush (Hermes) and her grandson Nimrod, who the artwork shows took power and authority from Noah (Nereus), as they spread their iconographic ancestor worship throughout the world.

Go to, and scroll down to 37 Images of Noah in Greek Art, to see what I’m talking about, it’s amazing, and obviously very corroborative of the Bible, as the Genesis account is confirmed by these ancients who obviously wanted to minimize the God of the Bible in the ancient world, by demonstrating that Noah’s (Nereus’) religion was a thing of the past, usurped by the forces of Nimrod (Hercules) and Cush (Hermes), although Nereus was acknowledged to have been a very righteous man.

The Epic of Gilgamesh from ancient Babylon tells that Gilgamesh (Nimrod/Hercules) feared death, and so, went to Utnapishtim (Noah/Nereus) to ask about life and death, and this story is reflected on ancient greek artwork, showing that this legend was common throughout the ancient world, from common ancestors, who were repopulating the earth in the centuries after the Deluge.  And they navigated to and settled far flung portions of the globe by the methodology explained in article #2 under Ice Age Civilizations here, so check-it-out, and the various categories here which demonstrate that the Bible truly is the most accurate history book ever recorded.

And see

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