Big Kentucky Democrat Presidential Primary Lead Holds for Hillary Clinton Barack H. Obama Gives Up Retreats with John Edwards Late Breaking Kentucky Primary Polls Show Hillary Trounces Barack Obama Concerns National Security Credentials Background Islam Connections Jeremiah Wright

Although it’s hard to find any recent polls from Kentucky about the primary there Tuesday, from what I can tell, Hillary is holding about a 30 point lead, and B. Hussein Obama (with John Edwards) has retreated from Kentucky, giving up on the state, where many white (and black) middle class christian Americans are questioning Obama’s national security credentials, as they note that Hamas, the arch enemy of Israel and the U.S., enthusiastically endorses him, and as they consider that Jeremiah Wright preaches that Jesus was black, and so, the white Jews have no right to the Holy Land.  The mainstream media is ignoring this upcoming Kentucky primary, but Hillary will roll bigtime, with the Democrats finally figuring out that Obama is a bad national security risk, not to mention that he has the most liberal voting record in the Senate, certainly a recipe for democrat disaster in the general election against McCain.

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