Barack Obama’s 57 States Blunder Oops Blooper What Was He Thinking Members OIC Organization of the Islamic Conference “Muslim Nations” Totalitarian Sharia Law Anti Democratic Legislation Raila Odinga Obama’s Ally Kenya to Become Islamic State

When Barack Obama said he’d been to 57 states, you wonder what in the world was he talking about?  One could suppose he meant to say 47 (of 50) U.S. states, “with one more to go,” or was he daydreaming about the 57 nation states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, whose members say they are countries of Islam, the religion which persecutes and kills anybody who’s not in agreement with it.

Obama says the prettiest sound on earth is the muslim call to prayer over a loudspeaker, and so, it’s not surprising that he campaigned for Raila Odinga in Kenya, who ran for president, backed by the Muslims of Kenya, promising them Sharia Law if elected.

This Sharia Law supercedes the democratic process in the OIC nations’ governments.  The law of Islam is the law of the land in these islamic nations, the one’s which Obama could well have been daydreaming about when he said “57 states.”  We’ll probably never know for sure what he was thinking about, but his allegiances and contacts could bear this out.

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