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Why is it offensive to Democrats that Mike Norman, owner of Mulligan’s Bar and Grill in Marietta, Georgia, is selling Obama 2008 t-shirts depicting the cartoon monkey Curious George, whom Norman says looks just like Barack Obama, while there was no uproar from the Democrats about the incessant depictions of George Bush as a chimp in much of the left-wing media?  Why the double standard?

It is because the mainstream Darwinists say that monkeys morphed into men in Africa, from where the “new human species” dispersed thereafter into all the world, so that Africans are almost always some shade of black or dark brown, Darwinists are forced to say that blacks are the closest thing to monkeys, if you follow their logic to its conclusion, and thusly, that a black, Obama, is depicted as a monkey hits a nerve with the usually “progressive” Darwinists, calling into question the compatibility of their science with their ostensibly reasonable political and sociological philosophies.

And Jeremiah Wright says that “blacks are right-brained,” and so, are less likey to learn how to read, opting instead for memorization of oral traditions, according to their genetic make-up, which lends itself to the Darwinists’ racist theory which says that the first humans were Africans, having morhped from monkeys, and therefore, the Africans can indeed be seen as genetically closer to monkeys than whites: pure racism, but that’s mainstream science for you, with “liberal” universities teaching racism through darwinian evolution, a fatally flawed theory, but clung to for fear of acknowledging the God of the Bible.

Jeremiah Wright’s good buddy Louis Farrakhan teaches that all civilization came out of Africa, presumably too after the “evolution of monkeys into humans,” rendering his stance also in-line with the racist underpinnings of Darwinism, so you can see that when the Genesis account is not believed, all kinds of false teachings and bogus political premises ensue which confuse biblically ignorant Christians, and allows marxist political movements to move in on the coat-tails of distorted forms of Christianity.

For a true take on the role of natural selection in the biological world, just google “syngameons natural selection.”

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