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Checkout the ancient Greek art about their ancestral demigods; Nereus, noble elderly sage, with a a fishtail for legs, is the Noah of the Bible, who survived the Deluge, and then lost his dominion and religious sway to the ancestor worshippers of the post Deluge world, worshippers of mear mortals (not the creator God), led by Nimrod, later known throughout the ancient world as Hercules, Melkart, Baal, Horus, or Gilgamesh, who in the anciently recorded Epic of Gilgamesh tracked down Noah/Utnapishtim (Ut nephis tam, which means living beacon of righteousness) to ask him about the secret of immortality.

The greek Hercules sought the fruits of immortality by obtaining the Golden Apples of the Hesperides, in the Atlas Mountains, showing that he didn’t do it Noah’s (Nereus’) way, to worship the creator God, but Nimrod (Hercules) instead made up his own apple and tree-of-knowledge story, imitating the Adam and Eve story in the Bible, but with the hero being the serpent, and Zeus (Adam) having accepted the “gift” of knowledge, which was actually the fall of Adam and Eve because of their disobedience to God, so the Greeks, with their deification of the rebels against God as the good guys, turned the Genesis story upside down, making good evil, and evil good.

Posidon (biblical Sidon, son of Canaan) and Hercules (Nimrod) wrested the Trident, the symbol of authority, away from Nereus (Noah) in the ancient Greek artwork, showing that Noah lost influence in the post-Deluge ancient world, when tyrants such as Nimrod and his father, Kush (known as Hermes to the Greeks), were subjugating the rapidly growing populations in the Middle East circa 2200 B.C., when the great ancient ziggarauts (pyramids) were being built there.  Marduk (Nimrod) usurped the authority of Enlil (Elohim, the creator God head of the Bible) in deifying himself at Babel, beginning the deification of mere mortals, the tradition carried on by the Greeks and all the other ancient civilizations whose gods were real people, corroborating the accounts in Genesis.

Atum Re was Adam, worshipped as the creator by the Egyptians, and this too was Zeus, the lord of the gods in the Greek pantheon, so ancestor worship is the tool of Satan to divert mankind’s attention from the creator God to a false religion that man is the highest form of intelligence in the universe, just what Satan wants us to believe, to think that there is no God who will judge us according to what we do with his gift of salvation by Jesus Christ, who died for us and then resurrected, demonstrating that there is eternal life for those who believe, fulfilling the prophecy way back in Genesis that the seed of the woman (Eve) would crush the head of the serpent, that’s Jesus Christ destroying the works of Satan, the serpent who is worshipped in many ancient religions, including that of ancient Greece.  And see

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