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During his whirlwind speaking tour which is badly damaging Barack Obama’s campaign, Jeremiah Wright is saying that Islam is compatible with new testament Christianity, that the God of the Bible is Allah, the god of the Koran and Islam, which is absurd, as Jesus said “no man comes to the Father but by me,” and at the end of Revelation, Jesus says “anyone who adds on or takes away from this book shall be anathema,” this from the Bible and Jesus whom Wright professes to believe, so the Koran, an add-on in the sense that it claims to be “the last revelation,” cannot be a way to salvation, as Jesus says “I am The way, The truth, and The life.”

Since Wright considers himself “right-brained” (because he’s black), supposedly this makes him more intuitive, but his intuition is failing him now, as his supposed friend and protege, Obama, is going down the tubes because of Wright’s antics on his speaking tour.  But it’s really Obama’s and the Democrat party’s own fault that this is happening, they should have known that Wright publishing a Hamas manifesto, written by no less than Musa Abu Marzook (cofounder of Hamas), in the Trinity United Church of Christ bulletin, July 22, 2007, under the “pastor’s page,” would be a problem for the Obama campaign, not to mention that candidate Obama worked on Raila Odinga’s campaign in Kenya which was bankrolled by Wright’s buddy Mohammar Khaddafi of Libya.

In saying that Islam leads to salvation just as does Christianity, Jeremiah Wright’s friendship with Louis Farrakhan now makes more sense.  These men mix the two religions for political means, trying to merge Islam and Christianity as a political movement, a political movement of big government and hyper political correctness where the wishes of the Islamicists will be catered to even more.  This is not what we’re looking for here in America, so Obama’s campaign is rapidly running out of steam, it’s Hillary and McCain in November.

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