Urban Chicago St. Sabina Roman Catholic Father Michael Pfleger Honors Maya Angelou Defends Jeremiah Wright Louis Farrakhan Associated Mohammar Khaddafi Supports Obama’s Cousin Raila Odinga Black Liberation Theology Islam Global Socialism Liberal Progressive Agenda

Father Michael Pfleger, a white Roman Catholic man of the cloth, held a service recently honoring black socialist-justice author Maya Angelou, but lo and behold, who showed up to hog the limelight?  None other than Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor, welcomed by lavish applause and cheers from the black southside Chicago congregation of the St. Sabina Roman Catholic Church, sheperded by Father Pfleger, who commanded that the media not demonize Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan (as they supposedly are great theologians and leaders) any further, to layoff Obama’s connections with these liberation theologians who see whitey as the enemy.

And what’s the ostensibly christian Pfleger doing defending the black-power muslim Farrakan, does he not know that Farrakhan (with Wright) is tight with Mohammar Khaddafi, who bankrolled Obama’s cousin Raila Odinga in this failed election bid for president of Kenya, backed by the Muslims there, and campaigned for by none other than Barack Obama himself (when he was caught in the muslim outfit)?  

The black liberation theology espoused by Wright and Farrakhan is just another twist of marxist liberation theology, the theology of communist Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, and Hugo Chavez, both of whom back Obama, along with the entire Muslim world, not surprisingly, so Obama’s buddies are the enemies of the U.S., making him totally unfit for the presidency, obviously, as he’s also real tight with La Raza, the racist Latinos who think the U.S. southwest belongs to “the bronze race,” the open borders advocates with whom Obama agrees. 

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