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Rachel Lamb, daughter of Daystar Television Network founders Marcus and Joni Lamb, beaming the gospel to much of the world, including India, repeated a testimonial of one of the christian leaders there, who now works with Daystar:  the story goes that this man, then a Hindu, was stricken with typhoid fever, suffering greatly, when that huge tsunami from two years ago hit his coastal town, washing him into the surf, seemingly to his death, as he knew not how to swim, and was stricken with typhoid.

So he prayed to some hindu gods, with no help from them, then he prayed to Allah (although he wasn’t a Muslim), with no help following.  Finally, after remembering that an aquaintence once had told him to pray to Jesus when all looked hopeless, he prayed to Jesus for help, and moments later, a fishing vessel appeared to pick him up, allowing him to “live another day,” becoming a powerful evangelist in India, now working with Daystar, after having seen a sign on a church, days after his rescue, which said “turn to Jesus when all is hopeless,” which confirmed to him that Jesus was in control, and so, he entrusted his eternal and temporal life to Jesus the Savior, the Messiah.

Rachel told the story beautifully, with much poise and purpose in telling it; the Lamb’s should be very proud of her, I think she will do much for the Lord in the months and years ahead, and I hope the Lambs come to see that the ancestors of those now Hindu’s and Muslims of India were awesome global navigators during the Ice Age, from port cities now submerged in the Gulfs of Kutch and Cambay off northwest India, and submerged off southeast India, from Cape Cormorin (Kumari) up to Mahabalipurm, submerged when the Ice Age ended circa 1500 B.C., as recounted in the Vedic literature.

This time for the end of the Ice Age comports with Genesis, with the Ice Age having followed the Deluge, and the Ice Age having ended at the time that the Exodus occurred, when coastal cities around the world were engulfed by the rising sea from the rapidly melting icepacks of the Ice Age, also when rich pastures and forest lands, such as in the Middle East, Egypt, and northwest India, turned to deserts, leaving Bronze Age megalithic ruins in seas of sand, so I hope the Lambs present this biblical history to those in India and around the world.

The Hindus of India denominate their yugas of time in multiples of 432,000 years, which relates to precession of the axis of the earth (see article #2 at, the same methodology used to survey the Great Pyramid of Giza, and to accurately measure, navigate, and map much of the world, as evidenced with the “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings,” therefore, the ancient mariners of India, who sailed from the ports now submerged off the coasts of India, used this same methodology, the universal mapping system, which explains how much of the world was settled in the centuries after the Tower of Babel, within the Biblical framework, which make sense of it all, and so, I hope Joni, Marcus, and Rachel, look into all this to better explain the veracity of Genesis history, seeing too

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