Mainstream Media Smears Christian Young Earth Creationists William Willy Geist (Keith Olbermann Chuck Todd) Morning Joe Says The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck May Believe Earth Flat TV Media Press Ignorant of Issues Creationism vs. Darwinian Evolution Debate

Talking head Willy Geist, on Morning Joe today, as they were talking about the gals’ on the The View on ABC, conversing about the Obama Jeremiah Wright situation, said of Elisabeth Hasselbeck, clearly seeking to hurt; “Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who may believe the earth is flat, said . . . . . . . .”  I forget what the rest of the sentence was about, but it wasn’t about young earth creationism, which was the point of Geist’s snide sarcasm againt Hasselbeck, that she is a Christian, and so probably believes the earth is flat.

Willy Geist is either spectacularly ignorant of science, which is probably the case, or he does know that there are many good reasons to believe the book of Genesis is real history, but knows too that, working for rabid liberals Chuck Todd and Keith Olbermann at MSNBC, he must get-a-shot-in against Christians, particulary bible-believing (including Genesis) Christians, every chance he (they) can get.  As I said, I’m quite certain the former is true, so he could have me on Morning Joe to explain it all to them, but they probably wouldn’t like that, as then, they couldn’t call young earth creationsists “flat-earthers” anymore, however, I certainly look forward to the opportunity, and challenge them to discuss these issues.

About half of America believes the Bible, as it is written, not as Darwinists say “it should be interpreted,” so MSNBC and the other networks are missing golden opportunities to talk about science and the Bible, for which half of Americans see mutual corroboration, and the other half of America would tune in and learn something, it would be a huge ratings success, so Keith, Willy, Chuck, I’d love to discuss the issues and science on MSNBC with you.


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