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The splendid precision of the engineering of nature, created by God, intelligent design, is evident with the Creator’s use of the hexagon in the structures of nature; from the hexagonal crystals of snowflakes, to the hexagon lattice-work of microscopic carbon molecules, and to the hexagonal compartment-complexes of beehive honeycombs, the geometry of the hexagon lends itself to efficiency in nature, with three sides, rather than two, for each half of the hexagon, for great strength, coupled with the fact that the radius of a circle which circumscribes the hexagon is the same length as one side of the hexagon, for maximum packing efficiency of the hexagons en masse.

And Elohim, the Creator in Genesis in the Bible, who said “let Us (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) make man in Our image,” also caused the slow wobble of the axis of the earth, like a gyroscope in space, to cycle at just the rate, 72 years/degree, by which mere mortals could measure the earth in ancient times, geometry, which means earth measure, because the precession rate, the slow wobble of the earth’s axis, which would cycle once in 25,920 years, is the perfectly divisible by 6, enabling the ancient mapping methodology described in article #2 under Ice Age Civilizations here.  The creative intelligence behind the design of nature is obvious to everybody, but some deny it, as they philosophically deny God’s existence; part of the God-denial programming rage we have seen from the mainstream media and public education through the years.

See too, it really can’t be denied.

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