Global Warming Hype Alarm Wrong Disproven Jennifer Marohasy Institute Public Affairs Melbourne Australia CO2 Levels Don’t Cause Global Warming World Temperature Decade Long Decrease More Snowfall Rainfall Denser Cloudcover Greater Evaporation Off Oceans

Meteorologist Jennifer Marohasy at the Institute of Public Affairs in Melbourne, Australia, is reporting that global temperatures have decreased over the last decade, confirmed by the United Nations’ panel on climate change, despite the fact that CO2 in the atmosphere has increased during that same timeframe, which disproves Al Gore’s imagination about global warming by “greenhouse gasses.”  And have you noticed all the extraordinary floods and snowfalls over the last several years?  That increased precipitation was caused by a warming of the ocean’s surface, which caused more evaporation, which caused denser cloudcover for all that precipitaton, which has cooled the atmosphere back down over the last decade (despite the increase in “greenhouse gasses”), so apparently, there was some global warming, or heating of the oceans from below, up until about ten years ago, to have caused the greater evaporation for the greater cloudcover for that extra rain and snow we’ve been getting.

This is hydrology 101, oceans heated from above or from below to have caused the additional evaporation for the extra cloudcover, which cools the atmosphere, whether or not the oceans were heated from above or from below to have caused the extra cloudcover, and so, the CO2 (greenhouse gas) concentration is irrelevant to global warming, so Al’s just full of greenhouse gas on all this. 

And when you thereby consider that the Ice Age must have been caused by warmer oceans (for the dense cloudcover necessitated), you can see that it must have been geothermally heated oceans which caused the Ice Age, not atmospherically warmed, for that obviously would be oxymoronic as the warming would have more readily melted the greater snowfall which ostensibly would have fallen, so the Ice Age was not caused by global warming nor global cooling, but by warmer oceans, necessarily heated from below, and that was Noah’s Flood.  Read more about it in the free ebook download here of my first book Old Earth? Why Not!, and peruse the articles under the category Catastrophic Climate Change for more info.

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