New Birth (Human Believer Liberation) Missionary Baptist Church Bishop Eddie Long Georgia Dome March 23, 2008 Easter Preaching M.L. King’s New Testament Gospel All People Content of Character not Skin Color Afrocentrism Jeremiah Wright Barack Obama Black Liberation Theology Divisiveness

Black pastor Eddie Long of Atlanta’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church will be preaching before 40,000 today in the Georgia Dome, an Easter message to Atlanta and all the world, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people, not respecting skin color, but as the great Martin Luther King said, judging people by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin, which is the focus of Barack Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright with his black liberation theology, that blacks should fight against whites for their “liberation.”

Jeremiah Wright’s “gospel,” which he learned from James Cone of Union Theological Seminary, no doubt, evolved from the pain which these black men felt in the 60’s, when civil rights for blacks was finally being dealt with, but that they incorporate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to hate white people is not what the Lord would have them do, and makes Obama the candidate of division, not the unifier which he claims to be.  Obama should start going to Pastor Long’s church, that would make him a unifier, but with his unsavory alliances and allegiances through the associations of Pastor Wright and Obama’s cousin in Kenya, Raila Odinga, associations with men such as Louis Farrakhan, Mohammar Khaddafi, and Rashid Khalidi, Obama is a threat to the goals of most american people, and also to the evangelical goals of true Christianity, as Wright’s distorted version of the Gospel (for blacks only) makes New Testament Christians cringe.

So when black african-American Pastor Eddie Long preaches today, I hope somebody records the message for Obama and Wright, for there will be the Spirit of the Bible, not in Wright’s bizarre afrocentric gospel of black liberation.  But of course, there certainly is racial bigotry and resentment against all “races” in the world today, probably always will be until the Lord returns, but the christian message, espoused by Eddie Long, breaks down the racial barriers, because Jesus died and resurrected so that ALL who believe on Him shall have eternal life with their Creator.

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