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Dick Morris claims to be an unbiased political analyst on the O’Reilly Factor, where he states that if Hillary wins the Democrats’ nomination, Obama supporters will riot (nice talk Dick); and Dick knows all about such riots, because the presidential candidate’s campaign for whom he “volunteered” to work in Kenya was for naught, as Obama’s cousin, Raila Odinga, financilly backed by none other than Mohammar Khaddafi and the Muslims of Kenya, lost the presidential election recently, then his muslim supporters went berserk, killing 1,500 Christians, burning churches and vehicles, and displacing about 250,000 mostly christian opposition; jihad in action.

I can’t imagine Morris doing a campaign for free, so when he says “volunteer,” you’ve got to wonder, and rightly so, as apparently Barack Obama sent Morris to help his cousin Odinga.  Morris showed up with a tourist visa in Kenya, but the authorities there said he couldn’t work without a work visa, so his stay was short, too short I guess, as Odinga lost the election, even with a strangely familiar campaign mantra “change, change, change” (small world).

Morris keeps insisting on O’Reilly’s show that Obama will win the Democrats’ nomination, and that if Hillary does happen to beat him out, then there will be rioting (sounds like a threat).  Considering his history with Odinga and the bequest (and pay?) from Obama to help him, we should all doubt Morris’ objectivity on all things Obama.  So why doesn’t O’Reilly ask Morris about who paid him to go “volunteer” to work on a tourist visa for Obama’s cousin Raila Odinga’s muslim-backed presidential campaign in Kenya?  And Morris could be asked if he knew that Odinga had promised his muslim supporters Sharia Law if elected, which is documented to have been the case (surely Morris knew it but would never admit), and so, the Muslims went berserk when they lost.  I guess Obama didn’t pay Morris enough.   

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