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Disturbing bedfellows we have here; Qaddafi, Obama, Odinga. First we have Libya’s president Mohammar Qaddafi, world renowned islamic jihadist strongman, then there’s Barack Obama, leftwing afrocentric-trained U.S. presidential candidate, and then Raila Odinga, muslim-backed Kenyan who lost presidential election there causing his followers to kill 1,000 Christians in the aftermath, who was financially backed by Qaddafi, and campaigned for by his cousin, Barack Hussein Obama, ostensibly a Christian, so what is he doing with this crowd?

Odinga promised Sharia Law to his muslim supporters, to be instituted in Kenya, if he had become president, but he lost, so his followers went a rampage, disappointed that they would not have their Sharia Law I guess, so they went out and killed about 1,000 Christians to get over their disappointment.  Obama backs Odinga, we must keep this in mind when selecting our next president.  And that Mohammar Qaddafi is on Team Odinga with Barack Obama makes the whole thing so disturbing that you wonder why the mainstream media has been asleep at the wheel on this.

And to learn how the ancient Frisians of the Netherlands, who were part of the Atlantean Empire, as laid out in the Oera Linda, were measuring and mapping the globe during the Ice Age, proven by the “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings,” then refer to the simple explanation that they measured the time, and thereby distance, according to the earth’s wobble rate, 72 years/degree (see article #2 at, to measure the earth, very accurately, within 0.5% accuracy.

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