Affirmative Action Geraldine Ferraro Says Barack Obama’s Lucky He’s Black Pats Democrats Back Implies Obama Unfit Not Qualified Affirmative Action for Presidency Despite Raila Odinga Connection

Former vice-presidential democrat candidate Geraldine Ferraro says Barack Obama is lucky he’s black, because otherwise, he would not be where he is today, implying that a woman, latino, oriential, or white, with Obama’s resume, would not be on his/her way to the democrat presidential nomination.  She may be correct, and seems to imply that it’s affirmative action at work in the highest levels of politics, which voters who madly support Obama, because he’s black, really for no other reason, should take to heart.

Assuming Ferraro is not a racist, then she thinks Hillary is the better candidate because of her “experience” and “resume,” so because Obama is doing well, she thinks it must be because he’s black, which could well be the case, the result of the Democrats’ political-correctness in overdrive, causing affirmative action at the highest levels of government, even for their prospective presidential nominee, who is up to his eyeballs in afrocentric muslim connections (see Raila Odinga), which is not the kind of resume most Americans want in a president, as I hope many black Americans will come to agree.

Of course, Hillary is the poster girl for feminism, so no doubt, some republican and independent women will vote for her just for that reason.  But to vote for someone because of what that candidate has no control over (race and gender) is to value qualities which supposedly should not be in the equation, according to Martin Luther King and many feminists, so this identity politics stuff could get us in trouble, we need to vote for the person best fit to lead and defend the country, not someone just because of his/her race or gender.

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