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Any rational thinker knows that if Barack Obama would be elected president, then the islamic world would jump for joy, because a U.S. pullout of Iraq, and soft U.S. policy against the PLO, would certainly be ahead, as well as, perhaps, Obama’s continued support of his radical muslim-backed cousin, Raila Odinga, who is trying to become president of Kenya, with huge muslim support, even killing Christians and burning churches for Odinga’s cause.

So congressman Steve King of Iowa stated the obvious Friday, that a wild celebration by Muslims is a lock if Obama wins; so who can argue that?  But the mainstream media is decrying Kings’s statement, calling it racist, and McCain has distanced himself from King’s statement already, but that’s ok, all of America knows it’s true, just ask any Muslim for confirmation, no need to ask most Christians.  Sean Hannity has an hour-long special report about Obama’s troubling relationships with muslim radicals, including Louis Farrakhan, Sunday night on Hannity’s America, but don’t hold your breath that Hannity will be talking about Odinga, so you’ll have to further research him yourself.

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