Jerusalem First Temple Solomon’s Lily Shaped Six Sided Hexagonal Shushan Sea of Brass Pi 3 not 3.14 Dimensions Perimeter Sea of Brass Royal Cubit Great Pyramid Same Solomon’s Temple Length Unit and Noah’s Ark Dimensions Base Six Hexagon Mapping First Mount Temple Precession Time Measurement Universal Ancient Royal Sacred Cubit

Skeptics of the Bible say that the dimensions of the huge brass basin built in the First Temple of Solomon, with it’s 30 cubit perimeter and 10 cubit diameter (and 5 cubit depth), do not reflect the knowledge of the pi value, because 30/10 is 3, not 3.14. . . .,  but the description of the vessel in 1 Kings 7: 23-26 can be easily interpreted that the huge brass container was lily shaped, which is hexagon shaped, six sided, and so, the value of pi is actually reflected in its dimensions, stumping the skeptics again.

And to learn how the length of the universal royal cubit (20.632 inches) was determined, by the measurement of precession time (the slow wobble of the earth’s axis like a gyroscope in space), see article #2 at Ice Age Civilizations at this website.  This royal cubit has been shown to be unit of measure for Solomon’s Temple complex (see the work of Leen Ritmeyer), whose outer wall was 500 cubits square, and from what I read, the First Temple proper was laid-out with this unit of measure also, the unit of measure which was determined by the measurement of time, how accurate longitude (east-west) distances were determined during the Bronze Age, reflected in the “maps of the ancient sea kings.”

The hebrew word for lily is shushan, which means six-sided, and it’s probably no coincidence that one of the cities of ancient Chaldea (Kaldi, son of Asshur) was Susa, Shushan, so six-sided, the basis of the ancient sumerian/chaldean number system, the same as in Egypt (see article #2 at, based on the rate of precession, 72 years/1 degree of 360.

I learned of this lily-shaped six-sided sea of brass numerical concept at, to further see that this must have been, check-it-out, the evidence is overwhelming, and confirms that there was scientific method to all that “royal” or “sacred” cubit talk.  God created the universe with a precession rate for the earth which would allow man to precisely measure it, geometry, all because the earth’s axis would cycle once in 25,920 years, the rate of which Noah was aware, as we have no indication that Solomon’s Temple unit of measure, the cubit, was any different than the cubit which Noah utilized to survey the Ark of the Deluge.

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