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Mainstream historians hate to admit it, but the evidence is overwhelming that the Spaniard, Cristobal Colon, born of a Jewish mother, Maritta Colon of Majorca, and Prince Carlos (Charles) IV of Viana, was Christopher Columbus, not Cristoforo Colombo, the son of a wool weaver in Genoa, because after all, Columbus spoke and wrote in Spanish, and in fact, named the islands of the Caribbean in Spanish, not Italian, and he had the support of many in the Spanish Royal Court.

But because he was posing as Cristoforo Colombo, who Colon knew had died at sea, Colon assumed his identity, Christopher Columbus, from Genoa, Italy, to approach the Spanish Royal Court for support of his planned voyage, some knowing who he really was, and some not, which would allow Columbus to sail away, conveniently when Spain was running all the Jews out, so Columbus would be the returning hero, with few aware that he was the child of a wealthy jewish mother from Majorca and a spanish prince, not what you’ll read in the textbooks.

It does certainly appear that such intrigue was in play as delineated by David Hatcher Childress, in his book Lost Cites of North and South America, devoting about twenty pages to the trail of contemporaneous documents which prove Columbus was Colon, and that “Columbus” had access to ancient source maps which showed the Americas, and even Antarctica, with accurately drawn coastlines and proper longitude orientations, such as on the world famous Piri Reis Map of 1513.

Turkish admiral Piri Reis noted on his map that Christopher Columbus had access to the same ancient source maps which Piri Reis had used for his map, confirmed in the book Imago Mundi by French academic Pierre d’Ailly, also known as Aliaco, so Columbus (Colon) knew full well that there was a whole continent between Europe west to Asia, the Americas, but the proof was in the pudding, and so, his “discovery.”

These ancient maps which Piri Reis and Colon had accessed were by the Bronze Age sea kings, the Phoenicans, Atlanteans, Lapidas, Ramas, Olmecs, and Egyptians, measuring and thereby mapping the earth with a simple synthesis of the precession rate of the earth’s axis with circle and hexagon geometry.  Checkout article #2 at to understand this simple methodology which enabled the ancients to navigate the globe, actually during the Ice Age, which ended at the time of the Exodus, the science of the future, old school man.

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