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Bill Maher says (in pitching his new mockumentary movie Religulous) that he doesn’t know God, so it’s impossible that other people could know God, but how does he know that?  The ever sardonic Maher claims high-minded independent thinking, but yet, because people don’t think and experience as he does, he considers them crazy, all because his experience is not their experience.  And he claims that the Bible is not real history, and that Jesus Christ did not operate as described in the New Testament, but how does he know that?  Bill?

Perhaps Bill would like to discuss how all of the Bible is or is not true, including Genesis.  I would love to be his guest on his HBO talk show, maybe along with Christopher Hitchens and Ben Stein, to fill out the panel, it would be a great show, and we’ll get Bill to explain why he insists that those who don’t agree with him are deluded, not entitled to their own experience, the way Bill demands it, almost hissy fit style.  And here I thought Bill Maher was all for independent thinking, that which Liberals such as Maher claim to champion.

Show Bill this one, I’d love to be on his show.

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