Ostensibly Hebrew Rabbi Michael Feinberg Supports Palestinian Liberation Causes “Economic Justice” Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition Michael Feinberg President Fights for Muslim Causes

Rabbi Michael Feinberg of the Greater New York Labor-Religion (notice Labor first; socialism through religion) Coalition is ostensibly a Hebrew rabbi, but yet, he is known to enthusiastically support “palestinian liberation” causes and organizations, speaking at rallies for them, really pumping up for the Muslims who would destroy Israel.  So many Jews find it puzzling that this guy should call himself a Hebrew rabbi, because with friends like that, who needs enemies?

Feinberg is hassling the blog Atlas Shrugs because they report his antics, the meetings he goes to, the crazy rants he makes on video, the whole bit, so he thinks his reputation is being damaged, go figure.  Feinberg’s behavior is like a devout Muslim rallying for Israel at a John Hagee meeting at Cornerstone Church in Texas, it’s wild, but Feinberg will hopefully come to his senses and realize people are just reporting his loyalties and positions on issues, just the facts.

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